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Screen Credits Include:

Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them (Feature Film), Casualty (TV), Redirected (Feature Film), Welcome to Pakistan (Feature Film), Doctors (TV), Nowhere Boy (Feature Film), Silent Witness (TV), Make Room In Hell (Feature Film), London Road (Feature Film), Holby City (TV), Les Miserables (Feature Film), Goodness Gracious Me Christmas Special (TV), Home For Christmas (Feature Film), Crimewatch (TV), The Danish Girl (Feature Film), Milky Way (Feature Film), Guilt (TV), Lines On The Sand (TV), Will (TV), Beauty and the Beast (Feature Film), Wonder Woman (Feature Film), Victoria (TV), Downton Abbey (TV), Star Wars Rogue One (Feature Film), Harry Price Ghost Hunter (TV), Papillion (Feature Film), Cold Feet (TV), Guerilla (TV), Holmes And Watson (Feature Film), Disobedience (Feature Film), iBoy (TV), Paddington 2 (Feature Film), Come Home (TV), Murder On The Orient Express (Feature Film), Mamma Mia - Here We Go Again (Feature Film), Homeland (TV), Happy Valley (TV), The Alienist (TV), Famalam (TV), Enterprice (TV), Taboo (TV), Outlander (TV) Aladdin (Feature Film), 7 Days In Entebbe (Feature Film), Gangs of London (TV), England's Forgotten Queen (TV), The Investigator (TV), Egypt's Darkest Hour (TV), Eastenders (TV), The Last Kingdom (TV), Coronation Street (TV), Emmerdale (TV), Artemis Foul (Feature Film), Ups & Downs (TV), Men In Black (Feature Film), Torvill & Dean (TV), Poldark (TV), Cats the Movie (Feature Film), Care (TV), The Last Tree (Feature Film), The Hustle (Feature Film), Derry Girls (TV), 4O'ClockClub (TV), Cruella (Feature Film), Death on the Nile (Feature Film), Homeless Ashes (Feature Film), Rocket Man (Feature Film),The Crown (TV), Berlin I Love You (Feature Film), Flatmates (TV), Still Game (TV), The Duke (Feature Film), Angel of Darkness (TV), 1917 (Feature Film), Jingle Jangle (Feature Film), The Witcher (TV), Small Axe (TV), Ted Lasso (TV), Supernova (Feature Film), Gangs of London (TV), Cinderella (Feature film), The Girlfriend Experience (TV), The Boleyn's (TV), Andy and the Band (TV), Peaky Blinders (TV), Devil's Hour (TV), Girl (TV), The Wonder (TV), Pandemonium (TV), Spiderman No Way Home (Feature Film), Glow and Darkness (TV), Ten Percent (Amazon Prime), The Devil's Hour (Amazon Prime), Top Boy (Netflix)