Cowley, Knox & Guy is a boutique style company with strong family values matched by a forward-thinking contemporary edge.

Whilst being fresh, young and vibrant we are, by virtue of our accumulative years in the industry, equally experienced, connected and respected. It's the perfect blend. Like a high-end artisan coffee.

We adopt a personal management approach and work closely with a select pool of high calibre talent and help manage their careers in a focused, specific and strategic manner. We actively seek not to be general.

Cowley, Knox & Guy look to build, shape and enhance careers across all mediums. We believe a performer is a performer and should be able to ply their trade across a wide spectrum of genre. We are confident our client list and the diversity of their credits, experience and attributes will strongly reflect this philosophy.

The industry we work in is a deeply traditional one but it is also currently experiencing new challenges. At Cowley, Knox & Guy we fervently believe in a coupling of the two approaches and, whilst maintaining established practices, look to embrace the ever-changing technological landscape and employ an innovative and contemporary approach to business.